Thursday, April 1, 2010

Day 1

For many reasons I plan to explain later, I feel like I am in a transitional phase of life.  Some chapters have closed, and new ones gape with unknown angst in front of me.  From now until later August, I will endeavor to record my thoughts and experiences here.  Perhaps I can sustain a discipline for a defined and relatively short season.

I admit that I'm inspired by the central character in the film, Julie and Julia.  Probably just one of a thron deciding to chronicle some dream or set of expectations on the world wide web.  Julie chose such a defined goal when she decided to chop, bake and saute her way though her hero's landmark work.  As for me, I have a strange assortment of goals for the Summer...

1.  Develop myself as a writer with the discipline of daily (or almost daily) memoirs.  The great challenge is to create spece in my crowded life for this.
2.  Read - I do this every summer.  And it usually gives rise to my best attempts at writing.  Ideally, I'd love to add the dimension and richness of a book group, consistent with my belief in the power of human connection.  Since this involves the will of others, I won't evaluate myself by the success or failure of this venture.  (I've never had any luck getting people together for social purposes.)
3.  Go on an adventure with my family... more about this later.
4.  Frequently burst into song.

Who knows if I'll have the fortitude of both Julie and Julia.  But I am inspired by their tenacious pursuit of their dreams.  Just keep in mind... neither of them had children!

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