Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Transition in progress...

I started this blog as a forum for my summer thoughts and growth projects as a writer.  It has been a gratifying experience.  It's nice to get comments and critiques from other literary types.  As summer comes to an end, I'm needing to turn a corner on this site in regard to design.  The template you see is probably the first in a line of trial-and-error adjustments.  I'll need to change the "first summer... " tagline.  It will take some pondering to come up with a title that feels just right.

One thing I'm certain of... the site will be an outlet for mainly fiction, prose, poetry and creativity.  Although I enjoy writing deep thoughts and memoirs, I'm not sure I'm connecting with an audience in that arena.  Also, I have a journal for all of that stuff.  This site will be my place to escape and find myself in another world, to push myself beyond the bounds of conventional reality and experiment with artistic license.

This shift in focus may result in less frequent posts.  I enjoyed the discipline of writing often over the summer.  But now that I'm back to work for the school year, I think I'll aim for quality over quantity.  And that applies to the quality time (quiet, peace, space and serenity) that is required to produce anything of quality.

So, stay tuned as my life takes another turn. 

I am very grateful for each of you who has offered your time, your eyes and your comments!


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