Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I have a couple of poems to share today.

I think this one could be titled "Transcendence"

deeper down
farther up
unseen realities
connection to
something so big
ultimate perspective
a place not in space
a moment not in time
cosmic plug-in
a quest
of quiet freedom
but contently accept
simple complexity
be with the questions
allow answers
to fall

I think this next poem is sort of an antithesis to the previous one.  I don't think it has a title yet.

The noise in my head,
badgering practicalities,
song fragments skipping like a scratched record.
Can't you just settle down
and let me listen
for needful things:
Spirit wind,
grace and peace,
purpose and meaning.
Your selfish shallow clamor
erodes my existence.
Where you are,
life cannot be lived
as life is -
beautiful, sacred,

I'm grateful that you took the time to read these poems.  I'd be even more grateful for a comment!  I'm not looking for empty praise, but I'd love to know how these lines connected with you.


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