Sunday, April 11, 2010

So, I've decided to work on my posture.  A noble endeavor that my Granny repeatedly demanded throughout my life.  Ironically and sadly, this dignified woman's chin hovers close to her chest unless she reminds herself as she's reminded me so many times, and sits up with a deep breath and shoulders back.

Women with good posture always look graceful and radiant, even in frumpy outfits on a bloated day.

Over the years, I myself have begun to fold in at the corners like a greenstamp on a hot day.  My default setting is becoming almost spoon-shaped, with shoulders lifted slightly and turning forward.  I was told by a chiropractor a few years back that my "head forward" stance was probably the cause and the result of neck tension and headaches.

I draw on my handfull of yoga lessons to guide the renovation.  Shoulders down away from the ears, head back, neck perfectly perpendicular to the floor, pointing straight through the top of the head to the ceiling.  The triangle-shaped bones forming the back of the shoulders flatten and spread, like wings.  The clavacles in the front of the shoulders level out, parallel to the floor.

It feels good.  But for a while, it takes intention and muscle control to sustain.  After re-setting my posture, I can find it creeping back to the default setting, if I take my mind off of it, in about 30 seconds.  I hope eventually, this will be my new default, and I'll just have to relax and breathe if I find myself curled in from the heavy loads of life.


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