Thursday, April 22, 2010

General ramblings on life

I’m taking a personal day today to catch up on housework and self-care! I’m listening to the 70’s channel on Rhapsody… all Me, all the time.
It’s funny how little things like improved penmanship and posture can sprinkle bits of challenge and excellence throughout your day. I’m reading this book called the Fred Factor. It kind of relates to that. It’s basically about doing your best and putting a flair of extra care in all that you do.  Some days I do better than others.
Yes, summer break is in my sights!! We are out of school mid-June and shortly after that, we are headed for Sunny Florida! It’s a vacation we’ve been meaning to take for a long time. We’ll visit with my dad and also take the kids to see the Rat (Mickey Mouse). The rest of my summer will be spent camping, painting, and generally frolicking about. I’m not going to obsess about what the brooding winter might bring like I did last year.
Remember in college, you’d have what we thought then was “hell week”. Ha! Life was so easy back then… “oooh, a few exams, I think I may perish”… we didn’t know what busy and stressed were yet! All that to say, May is hell month for our family. It’s full of all good stuff, but a LOT of good stuff. Little One's Birthday (5 years, so we promise a big one for that number), her preschool graduation, mother’s day, our state-wide academic testing, May fest at my school, and the MAJOR event of the girls’ dance recital. Let me shorten my self-centered dance recital tirade … wiggly, tired, cranky girls in tights, itchy sequins, make-up and 3 layers of aqua net hair spray, one exhausted mom!
Speaking of the recital… prepare to laugh or be impressed, I don’t want to know which one you choose. There is a parent-child dance in the recital and GUESS WHO is participating. We are doing 3 Michael Jackson numbers. I am playing it cool so I don’t embarrass my kids.  Just between you and me, it is like a secret dream come true!! So many times I’ve grooved with Michael and wished to honor him with my best on stage, and now I have my chance. To keep up my suburban mom image, I am keeping all of this excitement out of sight.  The girls doing the choreography don’t know jack about Michael. I don’t want to be a dork, so I don’t correct them. But it is extremely annoying. At the risk of sounding like a brag, I was the only person in the rehearsals that knew how to do the moonwalk correctly…. Including the seasoned dance teachers. Oh by the way, have I ever mentioned that I am a huge Michael Jackson fan? Not the screaming and crying at a concert kind, but the kind who ponders the deep meaning of the songs until I understand his insane eccentricity… STOP LAUGHING! There is really a lot of artistry there. Not to mention the dance revolution he spearheaded which changed the face of pop music performance forever.
Work is going better. I think I am finding my groove. Taking over for another person mid-year is an interesting exercise. The kids and faculty were used to “her way”. Now it’s my way. I haven’t changed anything major (yet). But it has taken time for us all to get more comfortable with the arrangement. I’d say the down side that remains is the serious lack of friends for me. I have not found my “peeps”. Many days, I feel lonely in the adult conversation realm. I guess maybe that will come with time. I’m amazed at how much adults can still act like snobby high school girls. I literally still sit at a table by myself in the faculty dining room.
I guess that leaves marriage to discuss. I still have the best marriage of any I’ve ever seen. But sadly, that’s not saying much. I am married to the best husband on the planet. We are great teammates in the game of life and parenting. Yet, we still have trouble staying connected on any deep emotional level. By the time our day spits us out on our bed at night, we just need to be brainless lumps of humanity, consuming what the idiot box offers until we succumb to sleep. It’s on our list to get a babysitter and go out together, but it’s a ways down the list, somewhere between preschool graduation and itchy sequin application.
You know you work in an elementary school when you find yourself at home grooving to your ipod playing the song “All the Single Ladies”… by the Chipmunks.
You know you’re a busy mom when you actually consider stopping mid-stream in the bathroom and saving the rest for later when you have more time.


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