Saturday, May 1, 2010

Is anyone else fascinated by those nonsense words that you have to type when commenting on a blog?  Today I encountered the word "ingotart".  I think we should define them for fun.

Ingotart: n. a Sweedish dessert made of goat cheese that is consumed after yodeling.

On to another topic....  (remember, I have no thesis statement!)

My day yesterday was so poetic...

A professional development workshop at a local University.  There is something so opening about being on a campus of higher learning.  This one in particular has a deep spiritual sense of rootedness.  I always feel better as soon as I go there.  And that's before the workshop even starts.

This workshop was on Creative Arts Therapy.  We learned by doing.  It was as much self-care as it was professional development, maybe more.  The experiences were just a tiny bit short of too crunchy for me.  But my soul bought in to the process and I got completely lost (or found?) in the contemplative atmosphere for 3 hours.

From there to Wal Mart.  As I sat in the McDonalds and ate two McSnack Wraps, I arrogantly thought about how I was probably the only person there who spent the morning doing sculpture and poetry.  I suppose the lady in the pleated peg-rolled jeans and frosted big hair could be an artist?  I'm such a snob sometimes, I'm ashamed of myself!

From Wally World back to work for a while, which is an elementary school.  The culture of activity, structure and conventionality settles on me quickly.  Not an entirely bad thing, I'm just observing the various faces of my life.

Not much later, me and my daughter are off to Michael Jackson practice.  Every bit as nourishing as the self-care workshop, but in a completely different way.  Today I'm quite sore.

After MJ, off to a Ladies' Night of Encouragement at church.  To see this event through the lens of my diverse day was perhaps not the most encouraging thing.  I still found my sacred space with the Divine.  But I was struck by how the crunchy counselor types at the workshop seemed more effective at facilitating a spiritual experience than the church folk.  And I don't say that lightly or condescendingly, because I are one.

On to a new day and all that it offers...


At May 1, 2010 at 6:52 PM , Blogger Stef said...

Sometimes I think I would like to be a fly-on-the wall of an entire day of yours. The day described above would have been really fun to watch.

And... I love that you used the word "crunchy", I love that word and totally get what you mean by it.


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